What’s up with all the survey questions?

//What’s up with all the survey questions?

What’s up with all the survey questions?

We’re glad you asked.

The team here at ITD Solutions has been involved in a very exciting project recently, and we wanted to take some time to tell you about it.

We have been reaching out to many of you to say hello, to see if you need anything and to get your input on some very interesting survey questions.

We have been picking your brains to get your real thoughts on why you chose ITD Solutions to begin with, what you need from us now and how we can increase our level of service to you as we go forward.

Now I want to give you a look at what you told us in your survey responses:

  1. When you first purchased service from ITD, what business problem were you trying to solve? The majority of you answered that the issue was cost. You wanted a good, working system that saved you money.
  2. What did you most like about ITD that made you decide to use them? The biggest answer we received was that the ITD Solutions representative that you worked with was knowledgeable, solved problems for you, was accessible and responsive, and was likable. In fact specifically, many of you mentioned our founder and CEO by name: Greg Hancock.
  3. What issues do you consider most important when faced with selecting the right telecom and data services for your business? You want reliability, quality and good service. Period.
  4. What would be the most useful role a service provider could play in helping you make a decision about your services? This answer was very educational for us. We found that you want someone who is going to take the time to do the research for you; someone who is knowledgeable in the subject and who is going to use layman’s terms to educate you in the technology that’s available; and you want someone who will give you side by side comparisons of your options and make it easy to arrive at the best decision for your needs.
  5. What attributes in a service provider do you consider most valuable? Here you recapped to tell us that you most value customer service: you want to work with a person who is responsive and who solves your problems quickly.

So what are we doing with all of this great information that you have given us? We are running with it. We are launching this new series of newsletters to bring you the information and education you are looking for, and in terms that anyone can understand. We are also putting an even greater emphasis on providing you with accessible and responsive agents that will show you your options, save you money, and make the entire experience easy.

Until next time!

Greg Hancock

Chief Operations Officer

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