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The Benefits of Becoming a Partner with ITD

ITD’s partner program can empower you as a true professional in the world of cloud, data and telecom agencies. When you partner with us, you tap into the major players in the industry, the best of the best! Here are just a few of the advantages to becoming a partner with ITD:

Leverage the Full Power of the Cloud: Become an ITD Partner

Ready to tap into the power of the cloud?

By joining ITD’s partner program, you can give yourself unparalleled leverage. We’ll put the world’s leading telephony service providers and cloud service providers in your hands — from simple Comcast or Time Warner data connections to elaborate multi-location Hosted VoIP and Hosted Desktop, we give you access to them all and pay you a percentage of the monthly bill, for the life of the customer!

In ITD Solutions’ partner program:

  • You will get to serve as an “agent.”
  • You will represent the world’s leading cloud providers and telecom carriers to a diverse and exciting client base.
  • Our expert team will show you how to resell cloud computing from start to finish.
  • ITD will provide you with everything you need and put you in a position to negotiate the best service, prices and coverage for the customers you serve, anywhere in the world!

We believe in fostering long-term partnerships and we’re committed to helping our partners in every way possible. If you need help quoting or presenting an opportunity to a customer, just ask, one of our dedicated account managers will be there to help.

How We See the Cloud

We specialize in simplified cloud migration. Too often, companies pass up on cloud migration because they couldn’t get a good understanding of how it could benefit them or how implementation would work.

That’s because most telecom providers and master agents do a poor job of explaining cloud migration to today’s business leaders, who are too busy and perhaps technologically disinclined to make themselves experts in cloud computing. We are always hearing from IT Reps who are frustrated by their company’s internal perplexity when it comes to the cloud… and even the IT Reps get confused sometimes! The vast number of options can be simply overwhelming.

When ITD started, we identified an urgent need for simplification of the cloud in today’s business world, and that is what sets us apart. We work with some of the most technologically advanced service providers in the world, but we also break things down to basics for business leaders who just need to know how the cloud’s going to improve their bottom line and their way of life.

Even more importantly, we handle all of the research and coordination when it’s time for our suppliers to move a company into the cloud. ITD does all of the research and finds the best solution possible so the IT Reps and executives can focus on their jobs instead. Never worry about having to find the best solution again!

Become a Cloud Computing Partner Today

To find out more about partnering with ITD Solutions and how you can cloud computing, voice service or data services from the country’s top suppliers, request partner info or register an opportunity today.

You can also call us at 1-888-542-8484 or email us to find out more about becoming a cloud computing reseller. ITD Solutions — simplifying the cloud for clients all around the globe.