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You Don’t Have to Be Together…
To Join Together

Looking for low-cost video conferencing services? Look no further.

Whether you’re in Tampa, Clearwater, Boston, Worcester or anywhere else in the country, we at ITD Solutions can work our master agent magic to get you outstanding video or web conferencing services at an unbeatable price.

Video conferencing requires a reliable, high-quality data connection, blazing fast data speeds and equipment that can take advantage of today’s high-tech, virtual work space.

That’s why we hold our suppliers to the highest standards of technical quality and customer service. At ITD Solutions, we represent only the very best in video and web conferencing. Our suppliers include the biggest names and most respected leaders in the industry.

The Advantages of Video Conferencing

Today’s working world is more interconnected than ever, making it easier — and more affordable — to do business around the globe. With video and web conferencing & cloud video conferencing, you can make meaningful connections with co-workers and clients on a moment’s notice.

Video conferencing cuts down on overhead expense. There’s less required in terms of travel budgets and meeting spaces, and there are fewer “opportunity costs” because you aren’t missing out on meetings that couldn’t have happened otherwise.

Interacting with colleagues or business partners via video — instead of merely by voice — also fosters a sense of interpersonal connectivity, which is always conducive to better business dealings and employee morale.

Simple Solutions for Video Conferencing & More

ITD Solutions is capable of expertly delivering any of the video, web conferencing & cloud video conferencing services your business might need, including:

While video conferencing typically provides an overall better communication experience, the truth is that sometimes, video just isn’t necessary (or even desirable). When that’s the case, you still need a conferencing protocol you can depend on. Your Boston and Worcester offices, for example, could teleconference over the web with flawless, dependable call quality. Our suppliers provide unmatched voice conferencing support through our wide range of available solutions, whether you need 2 people or 10,000 we can help you find the perfect solution for your exact audio conferencing needs.
There are many types of video conferencing solutions, from computer to computer, mobile device to computer or conference room to 10,000 remote workers. If it isn’t setup correctly it could cost you millions and hours of lost productivity. We’re experts at finding you the perfect solution based on your exact needs. We’ll make sure you have the bandwidth, equipment and connection type that it takes to keep you from suffering through audio/video glitches, dropped calls and other bothersome hiccups. We will also make sure you have all the needed applications and infrastructure to connect everyone that needs to be connected from anywhere in the world.
Have you ever had a document you wanted to share with a colleague across the country, or you wanted to show a new employee a thousand miles away how to do a simple task on their desktop? There are thousands of web collaboration tools on today’s market, finding the right solution that fits your exact needs is something you shouldn’t have to worry about.  Let ITD Solutions find you the perfect solution for your exact needs and wants.

Video Conferencing You’ll Love

ITD Solutions is a leading video conferencing, audio conferencing and web collaboration agency, serving companies of any size throughout the world.

We seek out and locate the very best in the video web conferencing, audio conferencing & cloud collaboration so that you can focus on running your business instead. We have one-of-a-kind agreements with many of the world’s major suppliers and we can leverage those relationships for your benefit.