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With the rise in the need for premium internet speeds and services, consumers can get lost in all the deals available. Unlike other products, it can be hard to compare web services and find the best one for your company. Beyond just speed, there can be geographical factors to account for. Some areas may not have the wiring to support certain methods of speed such as fiber optics. Having the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) can help ensure that your group has the support it needs when it comes to troubleshooting. While individual ISPs may say they offer certain speeds, you may find yourself lacking. When your structure or company needs support, ITD and WOW! Business Internet provides the technical services to ensure you are always online. With a host of great options for consumers nationwide, you and your employees can avoid connectivity issues.

Why Work with ITD and WOW! Business Internet?

There can be a dozen online providers with services throughout a city and deciding what your best options are can be difficult. Megabits versus megabytes and terms like coaxial cables and optical fiber are not things that everyone fully understands. When you work with a solutions group, you can feel much more confident knowing that you can have answers readily available. The average support person often does not know how to handle difficult problems. For example, certain ISPs have tiers of support. By having layers of technical assistance, they can charge customers for things such as “advanced technicians.” Charging additional fees for help means that adequate support for simple issues such as ports can cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, ITD and WOW! Business Internet delivers proper support for all facets of your online infrastructure anywhere, nationwide. Rather than rely on ISP customer service, you can talk to a dedicated account manager who understands.

Benefits of ITD Solutions

When it comes to finding the right online network services and attempting to run a company, it can feel impossible. Many ISPs have similar ratings to their competitors and do not offer you true comparisons. Instead of confusingly choosing an option that does not fit your needs, you can get the real information you need. Nationwide, no single ISP will want to refer you to a competitor. Sometimes they are aware that their infrastructure may not be able to support your needs. That is why ITD Solutions works with various other ISPs and telecommunications groups to help organizations nationwide. Whether you are part of a small or medium-sized company, ITD and WOW! Business Internet provide the right options for your business. The benefits of having online services and a telecommunication solutions group at your side include:

  • Professional help for all your connectivity issues
  • Help from individuals who understand the ins and outs your data infrastructure
  • Lower pricing from various partners
  • Data solutions
  • Telephony infrastructure
  • And more

When it comes to the technology in our lives, many companies wish that they could have all the options that ITD and WOW! Business Internet offer. Just connecting a cell phone through customer service can be a hassle. However, the employees here at ITD dedicate themselves to assisting small, medium, and large-sized companies without the headaches. There are multiple reasons that the first few ISPs you find may not be right for you. ITD and WOW! Business Internet offer consumers support nationwide at any time of the day. Your business should not have to suffer downtimes and issues from network infrastructure. One of the easiest problems can be not having the speed or support you need to keep your system afloat. With faster T1 connections and optical fiber, you can be more confident that your work will not suffer from downtimes.

Assistance When You Need It

Many ISPs cause headaches when it comes to receiving the help you need in a pinch. When issues that affect multiple things are also the responsibility of different companies, it can be even worse. When working with ITD and WOW! Business Internet, you will always have access to support. By working with a solutions group to set up your wiring, you can make sure everything is up-to-date. You can also work stress-free knowing that your files are safe. Some Cloud programs suffer from downtimes and issues. Not only can companies nationwide receive support any time that they need it, but it can also be for a variety of problems. ITD and WOW! Business Internet work with consumers nationwide to assist with telephony, cloud, and network infrastructures. Instead of wondering who to contact, your account manager will make it easier to get the assistance you need.

Common Issues People Encounter

Nearly everyone conducts some online interaction during their day. When it comes to consumers having access to your website and information, outages are the worst. Nationwide, websites tend to go down due to server issues. Rather than risk losing business, ITD and WOW! Business Internet can handle the entire implementation process. You do not have to worry about wiring problems or speed issues. By working with a solutions company like ITD, you will benefit from:

  • Lower pricing
  • Access to a variety of services
  • Cloud implementation
  • Data back-ups
  • Telephony services

Some people come across compatibility or server instability problems with physical servers. One of the major issues that Cloud servers avoid is the need to be physically present. From the comfort of your building, you can reset servers remotely and have immediate back-ups. Additionally, research has found that Cloud computing and data storage is not only safer, but it is also more efficient and affordable than regular servers. Also, consumers can benefit nationwide from Cloud implementation. Cloud computing and data is only one of the many benefits of ITD and WOW! Business Internet. Enterprises can receive help with networks, data, and telephony.

Better Pricing and Faster Speeds

No one wants to pay more for speeds that are inconsistent or not as fast as your competitors. Consumers nationwide can feel the difference between any random ISP and an ISP specifically chosen for you. ITD has spent years building relationships with Cloud and network providers to bring you the best pricing. ITD and WOW! Business Internet can help customers nationwide get better pricing and faster speeds without the hassle of your average ISP. The average provider typically has a set of rules for going through technical issues that may not help you. When you work with a solutions company, employees will receive the assistance they need. Your troubleshooting situations, with any factor of your network, can benefit from having dedicated and knowledgeable support. You can rely on ITD and WOW! Business Internet to provide the knowledge needed to help you find the right network services.

Optical Fiber

One of the most important things when it comes to making sure you have the fastest speeds is implementing optical fiber. With connections done with optical fiber, you can experience speeds multiple times faster than the fastest coaxial connections. Not only does optical fiber transmit data much more quickly than standard cables, but they are also interference-free. While optical fiber wiring is not as resilient as coaxial cables, it can be laid down long distances and still conduct high speeds without interference or lost speed. Nationwide, individuals experience easily avoidable difficulties from old coaxial cables. It is simply not possible to have a constant stream to consumers, so information is sent in “packets.” Packet loss occurs when information sent loses bits of information along the way. High packet loss can be a sign of bent or worn-out cables and leaves your connection stuttering. Optical fiber produces little to no packet loss.

Coaxial vs. Optical Wiring

ITD and WOW! Business Internet work hard to let consumers nationwide know the benefits of Cloud computing and optical wiring. The major difference between coaxial cables and optical wiring lies in the material. Coaxial typically uses copper that is inside of insulating material while optical fibers are made of plastic or glass. The differences in material allow the optical fiber to handle large amounts of simultaneous information at high speeds. Some common advantages over coaxial cables include:

  • Massive bandwidth
  • Immunity to electric conductivity
  • Avoidance of interference
  • Better for long distance transmissions due to low data loss (attenuation)

Network Infrastructures

When it comes to finding the right speeds, a solutions company with proper connections can make a major difference. While many people would love the speeds possible with optical cabling, the infrastructure must be present. In the United States, ISPs are expanding their layouts of optical fiber cabling to reach more consumers. With WOW! consumers in certain states may have access to their optical fiber networks. So far, they have optical fiber available in certain cities in:

  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Kansas
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Illinois

Instead of being left in the dust, an optical fiber connection may be right for you. Though it is often pricier, working with ITD and WOW! Business Internet means you can get the full benefits of your speeds for a fair price. Cloud computing and data servers require consistent speeds and proper setup. Nationwide, more and more people are switching to hiring bandwidths and Cloud technologies. With ITD and WOW! Business Internet, you can be ready to support your networks with faster speeds from optical fiber.


ITD and WOW! Business Internet, alongside other partners in the telecom field, can help customers with telephony setup and implementation. You do not have to worry about confusing setup instructions and troubleshooting to get your phones to work. A major benefit of telephony services from ITD and WOW! Business Internet is Cloud telephony. Instead of the usual recordings and tapes, all the information is stored digitally and available at your convenience.  Additionally, by using cloud telephony, you can manage and use all your company’s applications and information from anywhere, nationwide. Even better than across the United States, you can access your data from anywhere at any time with your phone or tablet. Telephony benefits from ITD and WOW! Business Internet include:

  • Cloud telephony
  • Voice networking
  • Professional set-up and troubleshooting
  • Variety of hardware options

A Cloud telephone system means that you do not have to worry about phone line wirings and inefficiency. Since Cloud phone systems are easy to install, you do not have to worry about moving around the office. They are quick and easy to set up without the hassle of old phones. Additionally, if you would rather use a mobile, they are easy to integrate. Employees no longer have to be stuck to a desk and are more flexible when it comes to communication. Nationwide, certain jobs can require lots of movement throughout the day and not much time directly behind a desk. With ITD and WOW! Business Internet, you can use your mobile anywhere you need instead of missing out on important calls.

Cloud Services

ITD and WOW! Business Internet can help you transition to a Cloud infrastructure to benefit from lower costs and more secure data. Some may wonder if they are trading performance for lower prices but do not worry, you are not. Testing has shown that Cloud servers are comparable to mid and high level dedicated servers. Many companies are switching over because of the many incentives that come with Cloud services. Having a central and secure network of computers, phones, and servers can increase productivity and lessen troubleshooting headaches. Cloud servers have the growing lead over traditional server nationwide. Benefits of transitioning to Cloud services include:

  • Easier to manage settings
  • Cloud computing (using multiple computers to simulate servers and applications)
  • Performance and cleaning improvements (easier to reset)
  • Server backups
  • Lower cost (no need to buy hardware and rent space)
  • Flexibility

It becomes much easier to communicate and collaborate when your computers are all using Cloud sharing applications. You can even document and work in real time while also sharing files. Massive infrastructure, such as universities, often employ some form of Cloud computing. Students are then able to access free applications and programs without installing them. Instead, they install a Cloud computing service that allows them to access programs. Also, you do not need to be at the central office or company network. You can access your files and programs anywhere. ITD and WOW! Business Internet are here to help you with your speed and Cloud implementation needs. Call 1-888-542-8484 or contact ITD Solutions today to start your transition to the Cloud.