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The internet is absolutely necessary for today’s competitive environment. As the online world continues to expand, so will the need for advancing technologies and services. In addition to new technologies, the number of new Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will also continue to expand. What an average person needs and what a company needs differ significantly regarding speed, data services, phone, and more. Many telecommunications companies, such as Charter Communications, provide a special option to compensate for the differing needs of average consumers and an organization. Time Warner business internet is one of these options for enterprises who need a larger support network nationwide. Directly supporting a large network can be a huge hassle if a customer chooses the wrong ISP for their needs. While business options are a step up from average consumer speeds, they only offer a couple of benefits.

Time Warner Business Internet

Time Warner business internet is Time Warner’s solution for customers who need faster speeds nationwide. With speeds up to 60 Mbps, Time Warner hopes to give enough speed so that employees of their customers will have consistent connectivity. The issue with this, however, is that 60 Mbps truly is not a lot of speed. Many ISPs have started to offer higher bandwidth packages for everyday people who do not have an organization or employees. More and more people are finding that they need much more speed to comfortably surf the web and use services because of the increasing quality and size of files.

ITD Solutions

When it comes to considering all the factors that may affect the quality of your company, finding the perfect ISP can be difficult. This is where ITD Solutions comes in. ITD is a telecom agency that focuses on connecting the right high-quality services to companies in addition to providing technologies like cloud computing. We were founded in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts and today we are a leading agency in the field of telecommunications nationwide. By setting up an office through the direction of ITD Solutions, customers may also receive lower prices and avoid dealing with ISP customer support. While Time Warner business internet only provides improved speeds and some minor services, ITD provides customers with benefits such as:

  • Improved customer service
  • Reliable and stable Ethernet connections
  • Fiber optic support
  • Cloud computing
  • Metro-Ethernet

What ITD Provides

The dedicated staff at ITD Solutions works with customer nationwide to find you the best prices and ISP for your company or enterprise. We also have the expertise to explain to potential clients the intricacies of connections. Today, it is hard to make the time to understand all the technological jargon that explains how your network or online infrastructure works. Calling the customer support at an ISP for information can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating. Even support from companies like Time Warner business internet may struggle to explain other services you need like cloud computing. That is why ITD Solutions’ customers will have access to nationwide support that explains the positives, negatives, and definitions of things like:

  • T1
  • T2
  • Multiplexing
  • Fiber optic connections
  • Cable
  • DS0 Lines
  • And more

All of this information allows customers to make better decisions when it comes to finding the right ISP for their office. In addition, ITD customers will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will help you capitalize on your options. Account managers will also make sure that you understand all the ins and outs of your service. Besides that, you will gain access to nationwide industry leaders in voice, data, cloud servicing, and internet. In comparison, Time Warner business internet does not recommend other providers that may be more suited for your situation. What we provide is not only personal support for companies, but also lower prices. We work with ISPs to ensure our customers get the best deal possible while also providing support the whole way.

The Demand for Bandwidth

Online content and services like cloud managing require a lot of speed and support that may not be possible with Time Warner business internet, depending on the size of your network. Things such as streaming video conferences and cloud data backup require vast amounts bandwidth the more they are used on a network.

Solution to Slow Speeds

Nationwide, there are dozens of small and large telecommunications services such as Time Warner business internet that provide online capabilities. Some, like Google, offer experimental technologies. Fiber optics, the user of fiber optic cables for data transmission, is one of those experimental technologies that are becoming more widespread. On the other hand, Time Warner business internet does not offer fiber optic capabilities. You may have access to a fiber optic structure and connection where you are and not even be aware. The cost and work it takes to install fiber optic networks in an area previously made it difficult to offer to consumers. It is now easier to provide incredible speeds due to changes in certain factors and innovations such as:

  • Fiber optic infrastructure
  • Competition
  • Video and music quality
  • Online server providers
  • Online streaming

While low speeds in the 2-5 Mbps were standard a couple of years ago, advancements in video, music, and an increase in streaming have made those standards invalid. The amount of data a video file would have been a couple of years has nearly quadrupled with the advent of 4k video recordings. If a company specializing in video and editing were to transition to the cloud, they would need very high speeds and lots of space and support. As the quality of the internet and online services increase, so does the demand for more speed. While Time Warner business internet is fast for an average consumer, business owners may find they need something faster, such as fiber optics. Soon, fiber optic connections may be available nationwide.

The Cloud

The cloud is a term that refers to cloud storage and all the uses and benefits that come with it. Essentially, the cloud is an offsite server or servers in which a company can create a network around. Cloud usage for companies and personal storage is on the rise nationwide. This gives employees the ability to access files, applications, and logs from a centralized server anywhere through the use of APIs, a specific application, or by being on a network linked to the cloud. Time Warner business internet does not offer cloud storage and computing, which is considered safer than traditional storage.

Benefits of the Cloud

Nationwide, more companies are incorporating cloud use such as Apple and Microsoft. If a business decided to host on-site servers, there is always the risk of damage and data loss. Because cloud storage typically copies data to multiple servers nationwide, you will most likely not be affected by damage or complications to one server. Nationwide cloud use is on the rise because of the benefits it holds over other forms of network and data management. Not only is using the cloud typically faster and more secure, but it also offers the advantage of having all your data backed up in case you need to switch computers. Time Warner business internet mentions the cloud in terms of how their speed can utilize cloud storage, but does not offer cloud services within their package.

Cloud Internet Technologies

When it comes to new technologies, ITD is a leader in cloud computing; something that Time Warner business internet lacks. Cloud computing goes by many names such as:

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Hosted Desktop
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Hardware, desktop, or network Virtualization

All these names reference the same technology. Nationwide, more and more companies are integrating network virtualization into their company. By using cloud computing, business owners are able to place applications and programs onto a single network that employees can all access. Time Warner business internet, in comparison to the security and stability of cloud computing, is lacking in benefits and support. Essentially, with network virtualization, people connected to the cloud will have a secure central hub for important information and applications such as:

  • Finances
  • Company files
  • Emails
  • Networks
  • Communications
  • Miscellaneous storage
  • Various applications

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

One use for cloud computing involves using what is called a desktop-as-a-service function. Through a cloud, you not only have access to your desktop while at your office, but worldwide as well. Anywhere in the world with a connection means that you can access your desktop. Since it is a rather new service, it is not yet offered by plans such as Time Warner business internet. Other names for this service include desktop virtualization and remote management. Whether you have an iPad, Android, laptop, or desktop with you, you can access all your emails and files directly from your main desktop as long as you have the administrative information.

Optical Fiber

Optical fiber is a transparent glass or plastic fiber with a diameter so small that is can be measured in microns. These fibers bundle together to create optical fiber wires with lightning fast speeds of data transmission. Even as a rather new invention, having been first created by Corning Glass in the 1960s, it has seen prominence in the field of telecommunications nationwide. A field dedicated to studying and implementing optical fiber has even developed called Fiber Optics. The cost of optical fiber has made it so there is still a lack of available internet based off of the wires. Instead, many plans today, like Time Warner business internet, offer hybrid fibers, or higher bandwidth DSL. While Time Warner business internet offers Coaxial cable, a hybrid of fiber optics and common coaxial cables, the speeds still fall short of pure fiber optic connections.

Fiber Optic Internet

When it comes to new advancements, fiber optics is one of newest and growing changes. Nationwide, more and more people are becoming interested in the lightning fast speeds. Time Warner business internet does not offer fiber optic plans as of yet, but ITD has partnerships with providers who do. By bypassing the restrictions of older methods of distribution (broadband and cable), optic fiber is able to transmit much more data than traditional copper wires. In some tests, fiber optics has been able to transmit data upwards of one hundred times faster than current broadband speeds. The number of ISPs providing fiber optics has been steadily increasing throughout the nation. The price to maintain these high-speed data paths is being reduced as infrastructure and demand increases. Compared to the maximum of speeds of Time Warner business internet, fiber optic connections can still reach maximum speeds of up to twenty-five times faster.

Fiber Optic Flexibility

One of the benefits of fiber optics is that it can be extremely flexible in terms of use. Customers have the options to manage the speed of their connection more easily now than ever before. Many ITD suppliers offer scalable connections that move in increments of 1 Mbps.

Metro Ethernet

One of the best moves for a business can sometimes be to use metropolitan-area Ethernet. While Time Warner business internet does not offer metropolitan-area Ethernet yet, others in the United States do. By using a metropolitan-area Ethernet, companies can connect to a large number of customers and larger networks nationwide. Metro Ethernet also offers companies the opportunity to interconnect office networks. This kind of connectivity has also seen advancements in wireless broadcast. Some companies provide wireless metro Ethernet for areas lacking proper infrastructure.

ITD Connections

ITD has spent years building relationships with some of the best ISPs and cloud service companies around. While Time Warner business internet offers one plan, we have connections with multiple other providers with different plans. ITD service providers include:

  • AT&T
  • Broadview Networks
  • Appia Communications
  • Comcast
  • Century Link
  • NaviSite
  • Polycom
  • Star2star Communications

At ITD Solutions, we also work with multiple other ISPs nationwide to ensure that you find the perfect fit. Because of the years of connections developed with these providers, we can provide professional services while also keeping prices low. Our clients never have to worry about doing their own research on specifications, networks, or infrastructure. The hardworking people at ITD will do all the research for you. When it comes to cloud migration, we are also there to assist companies with moving their core files and critical data. Contact us today at 1-888-542-8484 to start your cloud migration and find an ISP that is perfect for your company.