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Choosing the right online service for your company or organization can be difficult when you do not know what makes them different. As it happened, what makes an Internet Service Provider (ISP) suitable for one building, location, and company may not work elsewhere. In certain areas, there can be outages and other circumstances that make it worthwhile to utilize another option. Not being aware of this beforehand can cause issues when it comes to setting up internet access and servers. Stable infrastructure is highly dependent on multiple factors including location and availability. Newer forms of cabling may not currently be available in certain areas. They can also simply be costly. Besides, services like Spectrum Business Internet can limit speeds and lack comprehensive support. Nationwide use of the web is only going to increase as more and more people gain access to cheaper technologies, so make sure you choose the right ISP.

A Serious Choice

One of the primary reasons to work with ITD Solutions for your online connectivity needs lies in making correct and critical decisions. In just one city, there can be a dozen companies advertising that they have the best speeds and lowest prices. Because nearly anyone nationwide can boast that they are the best, consumers may have a hard time figuring out what really is best for them. When you take into account the national number of online network providers, determining which company is best for you becomes a complex process. Also, it can be a daunting task deciding which service by which company your organization should use. ITD Solutions helps customers avoid this minefield of uncertainty in which they can quickly find themselves lost. A package like Spectrum Business Internet is one of many. Selecting the wrong network to work with can result in:

  • Slow speeds
  • Hang-ups
  • Timeouts from lost connections
  • Online infrastructure instability
  • Downtimes at peak hours
  • An inability to use cloud services
  • And more

National consumer inquiries find that despite many packages for buildings and individuals requiring lots of speed, we are still behind some countries. For example, Spectrum Business Internet offers quicker speeds than usual, but not faster than some other providers. Additionally, customer service reports for many of the top network businesses within the U.S. have been weak. Ensuring that you have stable and fast speeds can be essential to maintaining your information. ITD Solutions can assist customers nationwide with not only finding the right company but also with implementation.

Down Times

Simply having a website go down for an extended period can set your business venture back way more than it would have in the past. Since national online retailers and services have become so prominent, websites are often the first thing that people see. If you want more information about a company, then your phone is almost always at your side. Having connectivity issues and not having proper technical support can be a headache, not to mention one of the leading causes of slow productivity. Spectrum Business Internet handles outages nationwide so it can sometimes be difficult to find a resolution. ITD Solutions works with various network providers to find customers the best prices while offering comprehensive support.

Slow Speeds

Sometimes slow speeds can be even more frustrating than down times. Instead of knowing you are not online, the pages struggle to load, and pockets of information disappear. If you are an organization that functions and benefits from Cloud computing, then this can be detrimental to your productivity. Online infrastructures, including the Cloud, require consistent speeds to stay up and running properly. While you can most likely find those rates, it may cost more than you think. For certain packages, such as Spectrum Business Internet, fiber optic cabling options may be fewer than other available options. However, certain cables can be just as fast if you know the difference in cable setups and potential speeds. National availability of faster speeds means that quick online services are becoming the norm. ITD Solutions can assist clients with finding the right ISP for them and setting up their virtual infrastructures for nationwide access.

Speed Solutions

Incorrect or deteriorating wiring or even an inability to handle large demands by ISPs can cause slow speeds. The best way to handle slow speeds is to make sure everything is properly set up in the first place. That is why ITD Solutions offers assistance with finding the best ISP as well as offering help with setting up and installing infrastructures. National speeds are rising, so do not get left behind with slow networks. Having someone at your side that can explain the benefits and uses for Cloud technologies can help improve your data management. By comparison, Spectrum Business Internet does not host data or manage the set up virtual infrastructures. The benefits of faster speeds include:

  • Lower chance of lost information and connections
  • Faster transfer of files to servers
  • Faster Cloud usage
  • Ability to support large infrastructures
  • Connection options for multiple devices

T1, T2, T3

When it comes to network and hardware terminology, it can be easy get lost in all the wording. Megabytes versus Megabits, T1 versus T3, multiplexing, and what are the differences between optical fiber connections and cable connections? Technical support operators are typically at a loss when it comes to explaining the nuances of various cable forms. Spectrum Business Internet offers higher speeds through cable but often not through pure fiber optic wiring. When it comes to T1, T2, and T3, what people are referring to is the carrier system that is in use. T1, invented by AT&T Bell Laboratories, could handle up to 24 simultaneous calls. By combining systems, greater speeds are possible. Basic T3 has upwards of 672 channels. National use of T4 carrier systems has also been increasing. However, T4 uses optical fiber, so it is often not in use with optical carrier systems being much faster.

Cable and Optical Fiber

The major difference between cable and fiber is in the wiring. While cable wires typically use coaxial cables, usually with a copper core, optical fiber uses silica glass or plastic. In addition to having an immunity to interference, optical fibers can be extremely fast and go beyond the limits of coaxial cables. Fiber optic connections can benefit your company with:

  • Incredibly fast gigabyte connections
  • Freedom from electromagnetic interference
  • Stable connections
  • Ability to host and manage online infrastructures with ease

Some packages, such as Spectrum Business Internet, use hybrid fiber-coaxial cables to increase speeds beyond normal broadband limits. Most broadband companies have been known at one time or another to have throttled speeds. Throttling speeds mean that if a particular area is experiencing heavy demands, then those with faster packages lose speed for a duration. Throttling can occur nationwide if you are working with the wrong network. Instead of relying on Spectrum Business Internet for your services, ITD can provide assistance and lower pricing with no throttling.

ITD Solutions vs. Spectrum Business Internet Services

When compared to Spectrum Business Internet, ITD Solutions offers a much higher quality of services. Instead of being stuck with one choice package for your growing company, we will determine the right choice for you. Also, customers have access to multiple other services that benefit them all under one roof. These services include:

  • Cloud Telephony
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Service
  • Data Recovery
  • Colocation
  • Video Conferencing

Spectrum Business Internet, in comparison, does not offer these additional services that can help improve your online experience. If you find that you require better services and support, ITD Solutions may be the right choice for you. Data recovery can be critical to making sure that you do not lose important files while virtualization options can link computers. Also, ITD offers options for data storage and hosting with secure servers that Spectrum Business Internet does not.

Cloud Telephony

Business Internet Services | ITD Solutions
While Spectrum Business Internet offers some telephony services, ITD can implement Cloud telephony. Resources and telephones can integrate together through a third-party service that can manage your channels. Meanwhile, Spectrum Business Internet does not work with Cloud telephony businesses to provide comprehensive service. Before the benefits of Cloud telephony, most systems were using a private branch exchange to mediate phone systems within a company. Private branch exchange differs from Cloud Telephony mainly in that it uses public telephone networks. Because Cloud telephony uses private servers and you pay for service, it is often much more reliable and faster. The quicker transfer speeds are because transmission over the Cloud is faster than telephone communications. In addition, online infrastructure like the Cloud offers data and video transmission and hosting. By being available online, organizations can bypass the local limits of a private branch exchange and go nationwide.

Cloud Computing

Online infrastructures have come a long way. Now, it is possible to connect your home computer to your work computer with ease. Also, cloud computing allows for the remote use of applications. Remote applications allow you to access work from an application on your business computer anywhere nationwide and even globally. Cloud computing is relatively new and therefore not within the Spectrum Business Internet package. However, ITD Solutions can help you find the right cloud computing service for your company.

Data Management and Recovery

Data management and recovery are usually the factors of computing that people do not want to deal with. Without a central system, data management can be difficult. Every day people drop phones, spill water on their laptop, and otherwise cause damage to their electronics and data without having a backup. Hosting physical backups can be costly, so sometimes renting server space is preferable. ITD Solutions works with companies that focus on backing up servers and data. In comparison, Spectrum Business Internet does not offer services for remote server backups or renting server space anywhere nationwide. The benefits of having remote servers include:

  • Safe data storage
  • Reliable structure
  • Backups in case of primary server issues
  • Fallback for down servers

Having a backup in the event of a disaster and in case of an outage is useful in preventing any downtime or connectivity issues. Many people use personal backups by renting a small amount of server space. Instead of on-site server backups, individuals and corporations alike can take advantage of Cloud interfaces for backup servers. Cloud access means that you can access your important files anywhere nationwide at any time. Also, having recovery services means that you do not have to worry about losing your data forever. Larger companies typically decide on having backup servers in case the primary or even a backup suffers damage. However, Spectrum Business Internet does not offer server backups and implementation for businesses. With ITD, you no longer have to worry about your primary data center going down. A backup server can ease your mind and keep you from suffering down times nationwide.


In technological terms, colocation means the positioning of technologies and resources to work together. Major organizations nationwide often can afford to have their own buildings and equipment that they dedicate to data management. However, smaller companies may not have that luxury. Having your own or rented servers hosted at a suitable location is important when it comes to managing your data. When it comes to hosting a primary server, colocation assistance can be critical for finding the right place to store your servers. While you can have backups worldwide, finding space to hold your primary data storage can be difficult. ITD Solutions can help you find the right company to work with for storing all your critical data. With Spectrum Business Internet, you are on your own when it comes to finding the right colocation services.

Video Conferencing

Being able to see your colleagues or employees no matter where they are can make cooperative work much easier. Spectrum Business Internet does not direct you to the company that can best handle your data needs. Video conferencing benefits users in that it eliminates the need to be somewhere in person in order to be present. Attempting to communicate complex information is simpler when the receiving party can see and hear you. With a video conferencing platform to interact with, projects across different offices will take less effort. Video conferencing can make it easier to:

  • Communicate ideas
  • Display products and designs
  • Demonstrate concepts and works in progress
  • Check in on projects
  • Manage from remote locations

Instead of getting headaches trying to find all the right technological assistance you need, ITD Solutions can do the research. Our company has spent years building partnerships to be able to provide our clients with lower prices and comprehensive support. Contact us today at 1-888-542-8484 for your telephony and data solutions needs.