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When it comes to finding the right network provider, it can be easy to get lost in all the terms. Understanding how online infrastructures work, pricing, and other nuances requires times and experience. Pretty much every provider you are going to visit will guarantee fast and reliable speeds but you cannot take their word for it. Of course, a company wants your patronage regardless of whether their infrastructure can improve your work. ITD Solutions has spent years working with leading Internet Providers (IPs) to help companies find the right IP for them. Depending on where you are in the United States, there are different options available. By working with a solutions company like ITD, you can receive help finding the best match alongside the best pricing. Business internet services are not all the same and having the right one can be critical to productivity.

The Right Business Internet Services For You

Within one city there may be a dozen different network providers all trying to get you to spend your money on their infrastructure. This number is huge if you take it to a nationwide scale. There are thousands of different companies ranging across various regions of the United States. In addition to these thousands of smaller groups, there are other companies such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable that extend through a dozen or more states. However, the most popular or biggest in an area is not always the best choice.

Sometimes it is best to leave it to professionals who are familiar with all aspects of business internet services. At ITD Solutions, customers can rest easy knowing that they will have access to the support and information they need. Rather than feel lost in all the terminology and pricing tiers, ITD professionals can help you clearly understand the costs and terms.

Business Internet Services vs. Regular IP Services

Many groups, start-ups, and existing businesses need higher speeds and better infrastructure support to fulfill their needs. Other times, a company may not be aware of the possibilities outside their current set up. Technology is advancing every day, and falling behind on technological advances can leave you at a disadvantage. For example, if a disaster were to strike a server, how quickly do you think you could compensate and avoid productivity losses? With business internet services, you can enjoy the benefits of 24/7 rapid assistance and server backups.

Security and help are some of the main difference between business internet services and regular IP packages. You receive much more in the way of immediate aid and infrastructure through an upgraded package for larger groups. Nationwide, more and more people are finding that lower speeds and typical connections do not cut it. With ITD Solutions, you benefit from:

  • Better pricing
  • Dedicated help and support
  • Help with all parts of your network
  • Better prices than directly going to IPs
  • Cloud and telephony assistance and implementation
  • Decision making and advice from knowledgeable professionals

Better Pricing

One thing every business internet services consumer loves is better pricing. Often, people seeking out fast IP packages end up paying much more. By working with an agent, you can actually end up paying less than if you went directly to the provider. But, how does this work? Well, it is quite simple. When you deal with an individual who works for an IP, the cost to the IP makes it harder for you to receive lower pricing and sales. However, when you are dealing with an agent, they work independently. Since agents are paid depending on how many customers they bring in, they can offer better pricing. By spending less on networks and management costs, you can spend your money on other necessities. In addition, with ITD Solutions, you will work with a Dedicated Account Manager that focuses on your needs.

Dealing with Knowledgeable Individuals

Often, people with typical IP packages have to deal with subpar customer support. Even for the average person, options like full control over your ports may be unavailable. Some IPs instead offer the option to upgrade to receive options that you require in an emergency. When dealing with ITD Solutions, you will not be left in the dark. Rather than deal with customer support representatives that may not help, you can find the IP that has the options and assistance you need. Nationwide, business internet services are critical to daily productivity. So much work is done through the web and computer infrastructures that down times can be more than an annoyance. Making sure that you have the right infrastructure can help keep you online at all times. When you work with ITD Solutions, you are dealing with leaders in the field of telecommunications.

Reliable Speeds

At times, securing a fast and dependable connection can be difficult. At ITD Solutions, you will be working with professionals in the field of business internet services. Your company can grow and improve on costs and resource use by transitioning to newer options. For example, optical fiber cables have been increasing in popularity. Nationwide, more IPs are investing in optical fiber infrastructure and making it available for consumers. With an optical fiber connection, users can transmit more channels of information simultaneously with hyper fast speeds. At ITD Solutions, we carefully screen our partners to help ensure that you receive quality service and reliable speeds. Investing in newer technologies like cloud computing can help save you money and time in the long run. Instead of suffering from unstable rates due to subpar IPs or terrible set ups, a solutions company can help you.

Variety of Options

When it comes to business internet services, there are ranges of options to improve your company’s network. Cloud technologies offer tons of benefits for companies like lower server prices, fast backups, and telephony options. Instead of having to find multiple different providers to fulfill all your technological needs, ITD Solutions has you covered. With over 40 years of combined experience, you can be sure to find the right business internet services for your company nationwide. Instead of dealing with a lack of options, customers working with ITD Solution have access to a wide range of business internet services including:

  • Cloud telephony
  • Cloud computing
  • Video conferencing
  • Voice and other telephony options
  • Data assistance (backups and recovery)
  • Nationwide business internet services

When you work with a solutions company like ITD, you gain access to leaders in the field of cloud technologies. Whether you need telephony services or help backing up servers, professional help is available.

Cloud Telephony

Many people may be asking themselves, “Why choose cloud telephony over traditional phone set ups?” Well, the benefits are far-reaching and much more beneficial than simply having higher quality sound. Cloud telephony offers an abundance of benefits including:

  • Interactive voice response
  • Messaging
  • Call recordings
  • Lower costs
  • Less wiring
  • Convenient and easy implementation

Nationwide, the migration away from traditional telephony set-ups is prominent. When it comes to comparing the two different options, it is hard to make a case for traditional telephony set-ups. Traditional options require more wiring, are typically more expensive, and require contracts. Many cloud providers offer pay-as-you-go models where expenses are done monthly. In short, implementing cloud telephony can save you time, money, and offers more support for sales.

Interactive Voice Response

Nearly every group nationwide that deals with a range of customers such as banks, retail stores, and even communications companies use interactive voice responses. Instead of being sent to a person, customers go through options to better their experience. It is a system of automated voices to filter calls to the correct employees within your company. Before, lots of time was lost linking customers to the right person to help them. Now, individuals are able to start transactions, find the right customer support, and troubleshoot through an interactive voice response system. Additional options like recording calls to review customer satisfaction can help you improve your systems. Many business internet services lack interactive voice response options. However, when you work with ITD Solutions, cloud implementation and the benefits that come with it are major priorities.

Ease of Use and Cost Efficiency

One major benefit that comes with cloud telephony alongside business internet services is the ease of use. It is very easy to teach and use, so editing your system of options requires only a few clicks. Also, through cloud telephony, your system can have nationwide coverage. Instead of having to structure your call systems according to proximity and long wiring, other buildings can connect. Customers can then link offices nationwide under one cloud telephony system to avoid redirecting calls to various offices.

Another benefit is the cost efficiency of cloud telephony. Without dedicated hardware, there is little need for a contractor to set up wiring or to rent expensive phones. The cost efficiency of cloud technologies with business internet services extends to beyond just telephony. Nationwide, servers and backups are transitioning to cloud alternatives instead of dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers

In the past, renting or purchasing server space was expensive and not everyone could afford quality drives or space. With the advent of cloud servers, individuals and businesses alike can take advantage of lower pricing and safer backups. Instead of heavy physical databanks, with fast business internet services, companies are able to take advantage a virtual cloud environment. With physical servers, upgrading components can be costly, require downtime, and requires a person to be present at the location. In comparison, cloud-hosted customers can often upgrade with a couple of clicks and price changes. RAM and CPU processing is something that can suffer under heavy usage so being able to upgrade on the fly is a huge benefit. Through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) customers can access and edit aspects of their cloud server on the fly and with much less difficulty.

Colocation Services

Business internet services with ITD Solutions means that customers have access to various new technologies and options. Colocation services offer companies the opportunity to rent their own servers and space. With the correct business internet services for your company, you can make sure you have fast and personal servers. In addition, colocation provides a wide array of benefits ranging from cost to convenience. Rather than building a rack room to house your servers on location, you can find relatively close alternatives.

In the past, investing in building server racks and buying hardware could end up being a strain on small companies. However, the lower speeds of business internet services at the time made it a better choice for many groups who could afford it. With cloud servers, customers nationwide can take advantage of:

  • Lower costs
  • Higher security
  • Cooling support
  • Stable environments for storing racks

Rather than spend thousands setting up a room and installing the proper wiring and cooling, you can choose colocation options. Beyond heightened cyber security, there is also the benefit of on-site personnel. Security cameras, guards, and passes are typically used to keep your valuable data secure. Without the right credentials, you cannot access the physical servers. When you think about managing a personal server room, you have to take into account all the factors. Paying for security, CCTV and livestream recordings, as well as A/C and electricity costs can put a hole in your wallet. At ITD solutions, customers can choose cloud or colocation options for their company to save money.

Work with ITD Solutions for Business Internet Services

Whether you are looking the right business internet services for you or data solutions assistance, ITD Solutions is here to help. With years of experience working with leaders in the field of communications and cloud technology, customers can receive better support and pricing. More and more groups are switching over to colocation options or cheaper cloud alternatives to computing. Not only do you not have to be on the office network, but you can also access data and applications nationwide. Through the use of technologies like cloud computing, you can run virtual applications where the resources are split amongst computers in your network. This way, instead of running applications via private servers or your PC, you can use the processing power of the cloud.

Do not get left behind with slower speeds or costly dedicated servers. Contact ITD Solutions today at 1-888-542-8484 for all your business internet services and data needs.