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Having an Internet Service Provider that you can rely on is essential for making the most out of your network and data experience. Whether you need a connection for your home in Boston or your business in Worcester, ITD Solutions is a local ISP that can set you up for success. While you may be tempted by the commercials and promises that big-name companies make, selecting a local ISP for your services is the smarter choice because you get better options, better customer support, and an overall greatly improved experience.

Residential and Commercial Internet Service Provider

When choosing an Internet Service Provider in Boston, there is a lot of competition. According to BroadbandNow, Massachusetts is the sixth most connected state in the U.S. as determined by Data collected via the FCC, NTIA, and other sources. In addition, there are at least 82 broadband providers as of 2016, giving you as a consumer plenty of choices. Figuring out what services you need in addition to what company to choose can be intimidating, but your local ISP, ITD Solutions, is here to help clear some of the confusion.

How to Choose an ISP

When you are choosing amongst various ISPs in Boston, there are several elements you should take into account to determine which Internet Service Provider is the best for you. Consider the following:

Wired and wireless connections – Are both offered? Do they provide diverse options for connecting? What other connection types are offered?

Availability – Does the ISP have solid coverage in your area? Make sure to look at a map and test out the connection before signing a long-term contract.

Speeds – How fast is the fastest speed they offer? Does it meet your needs? Do they throttle speeds at a certain point? Did you know that the average internet download speed in Massachusetts is 36.3 mbps?

Customer Ratings – What have others said about the Internet Service Provider? Do they have good ratings, or are there questionable practices that others have commented on such as speed throttling or service shortages?

Price – Compare prices with other ISPs. Are they comparable, or do they vary greatly? Be wary of hidden fees associated by reading the fine print.

Customer Support – Before signing a contract, test out a company’s tech and customer support. Call and record how long you are kept on hold before reaching an actual representative, not just an automated voice answering program. With large companies, you may benefit from more diverse options and areas of coverage, but you may suffer in lackluster customer support, making it impossible to use the connection and networks that you signed up for.

Bundled Packages – In addition to internet, do they offer cable, telephone, and other services in bundled packages? This can save you money and reduce the amount of work and stress on your end.

In neighborhoods like Boston, Waltham, Cambridge, Worcester, Lexington, Brookline, Quincy, Springfield, Natick, and Marlborough, there are as many as 40 different providers to choose from. Comparing all of them can seem overwhelming, but by looking into details such as the ones listed above, you can ensure that you are getting what you pay for and setting yourself up for success. Taking the time to comparison shop, ask questions, and look around can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars and a lot of stress in the long run.

Your Local Boston Internet Service Provider — ITD Solutions

At ITD Solutions, we bring Boston residents in both commercial and residential locations all of the solutions they need for technology and computing. As a local Internet Service Provider, we make sure that your speeds and connections are optimized and at their best at all times. We also offer:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Wireless Networking
  • Static IP Addresses
  • Security
  • Professional Implementation
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • And more

You will never have to worry about having access to your information and data as long as you have ITD Solutions on your side. For a local Internet Service Provider in Boston that keeps you up and running at all times, call us today at 888-542-8484!