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How would you like to purchase a brand new Hosted VoIP solution with no upfront cost (That’s right – no CAPEX) and reduce your phone and internet bill at the same time? Sound crazy?

Nope – this is exactly why you can be like hundreds of other companies who have partnered with ITD Solutions.

How do we do this?

With ITD’s buying power we are able to help you find the exact solution that fits your exact needs and potentially make it cost you nothing.

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With ITD’s buying power we are able to help you find the exact solution that fits your exact needs and potentially make it cost you nothing.
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What is Cloud Telephony?

The term Cloud is a metaphor for the internet. When network engineers would draw up diagrams they used a cloud to depict the internet. Thus the term “Cloud” became a representation of the Internet.

Cloud Telephony, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, whatever you want to call it, is simply moving your phone system to a data center that is replicated across many datacenters around the globe.

Why would you do this?

One of the main reasons companies move their phone systems to the cloud is Disaster Avoidance. When your phone system is in the cloud your main numbers will ALWAYS ring when called even if your office is out of service. Thus making your company ALWAYS reachable.
Another key benefit to migrating your phone system to the cloud is multiple offices. When your PBX is in the cloud all of your offices are as if they were in the same location. From a small 5 person, work at home company to a 5000 person, multinational operation; everyone is on the same platform and they are only an extension dial away.
Management of a Hosted PBX is far easier than a premise based system. For example if you added a new employee to one of your sites 500 miles away, typically you would need someone to program that local PBX to add the new user. With a hosted PBX you can simply log into the web portal and 5 minutes later have a new user added to the system. Or you can email the customer support at the hosted VoIP carrier and they will gladly do it for you.
Typically a premise-based PBX is going to cost $500 – $1000 per user, including phones, installation and training. With a hosted PBX your CAPEX can be little to nothing depending on the options you take.

When you migrate your voice services to the cloud you don’t have to purchase a phone system. You only have to get IP handsets. You can purchase, rent or lease the phones. This reduces costs tremendously. Another key point to good quality Hosted VoIP is your LAN infrastructure. You will have to make sure your LAN switches will be supported by Hosted VoIP.

At ITD Solutions we know how to find the best solution based on your exact needs and 99% of the time we can help you migrate into a Hosted VoIP solutions with little to no upfront expenses and keep your monthly costs at or lower then you are paying now.

Cloud Telephony & Business VoIP: Simple Solutions

ITD can deliver all the essential cloud telephony & Business VoIP services that your business will need, including:

With a comprehensive Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) solution from one of our top-rated suppliers, you can have all of your calls switched and hosted in the cloud, using our suppliers’ equipment and servers. That keeps your infrastructure investment at an all-time low. It’s an easy, no-fuss approach to cloud telephony that you can depend on. You’ll never have to mess with tied up phone lines, complicated switchboards or bulky telephone systems again!
Our suppliers’ Cloud Call Centers allow you to control your entire telephone network digitally through a single, central virtual control panel. Your secretary, paralegal, office assistant or office manager can coordinate your office’s calls like a Communications maestro!

Easily route calls to the destination of your choice, manage voicemail, send voice memos, operate in-office paging, convert text into spoken word (and vice-versa), index your call history & contacts in a database, analyze your voice & data services usage, conference call with multiple participants and much, much more!

Cloud Telephony You’ll Love

ITD Solutions is a leading cloud telephony & Business VoIP Agent, serving all businesses in Tampa Bay, metro Boston, all areas of New England plus all 50 states.

We search out and find the best of the best in the voice services and telecommunications industry so that you can focus on running your business instead. We have long-standing agreements with the world’s major telecom suppliers, and we can leverage those relationships for your benefit.

Let ITD Solutions Take Your Calls to the Cloud

To find out how ITD Solutions can save your company money, upgrade your existing telephony system, and research specific solutions that address all your concerns about moving to the cloud, contact us today.

Call us at 1-888-542-8484 or email us for a free consultation and find out why we’re a leader in cloud telephony & Business VoIP — simplifying the cloud for clients globally.