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Big companies leverage their branding and identity in marketing, so at first, it may not be apparent to choose ITD Solutions over Comcast business internet services. These big companies spend millions of dollars each year in marketing and lobbying, but how much do they care about customer service; how much do they care about you? The mega corporations are notorious when it comes to apathetic or downright hostile treatment of their customers, because they think there is no real competition. Well, now you do have a choice; to go with a company that will respect you, your time, and provide a superior service so you can safely make the decision to ditch Comcast business internet services in favor of ITD Solutions.

Do Not Settle for ISP Throttling

While surfing the net on your Comcast business internet services, have you ever noticed your bandwidth and speed starting to slow down over a length of time? This may not be from the high volume of use; it can be your very own ISP doing it to you in a process known as ‘throttling’. Typically, if it is done, it is in response to large usage of data from:

  • Downloading large files (torrenting)
  • Streaming (usually movies or services like Hulu or Netflix)
  • Online gaming (hosting consumes a large chunk)

The usual justification for this is that, if you are using that much processing speed, you must be doing something unethical, such as pirating movies or games, so some companies feel justified in throttling your connection speeds. At ITD Solutions, we recognize how important usage is to our customers and look to pair them with data plans that better suit their needs, and we never engage in throttling. It is wrong, short sighted, and your satisfaction is far more important for long term growth. If you suspect you may be the victim of throttling, there are tools you can download for free to check your speeds towards the month’s end to see if it is time to ditch Comcast business internet services.

Call Center and Tech Help Located Globally Versus Hosted Locally

The World Wide Web has brought us all closer as human beings, allowing the furthest reaches of the globe to be connected at mere moments, whether through instant messaging, online commerce sites, virtual stores, dating sites, and even mail. However, this is sometimes misused by larger entities who seek to take advantage of lesser-developed nations and employ their citizens as opposed to native speakers here in the United States. Instead of paying someone here, they can get away with paying these individuals pennies on the dollar to save on their operational budget, which is understandable as companies do answer to shareholders. When you have Comcast business internet services, you expect that if something is wrong, you should be able to get help. Nothing is more frustrating when you are a layperson looking for help on a tech issue than a language barrier.

At ITD Solutions, we only employ people that are based in the United States so that we can side step that issue entirely and focus on getting you the prompt help you need when any issues crop up. Sure, this might cost more than using globally sourced labor, but customer satisfaction is very important to us. We do not have a board of trustees to answer to, we answer to you. That is why we hope you will pick ITD Solutions over Comcast business internet services.

Do You Only Need Comcast Business Internet Services?

When you purchased your Comcast internet business services, you were probably just focused on getting the best deal possible. This is understandable, as millions of Americans are still feeling the pinch of the recession and in this day and age, everyone needs to be connected to the web. However, did you consider other things you might need bundled into one low, flat rate package? At ITD Solutions, we look for the best packages for you and yours, whether that is a strong Wi-Fi signal for your customers, company-grade internet speed for your own personal enjoyment, or maybe you need office-level bandwidth speeds for quick communication.

With your Comcast internet business services, do you also have a landline packed into that? How is their security? Do they have a dedicated team locally based in the United States? How about storage of data? Does your plan give you access to any cloud storage? These are all critical questions you need to ask your provider. In the end, ask yourself if it is time to switch.

Unbeatable T1 Connection

If you are looking for connection quality and speed, there is nothing better than the T1. T1’s are among the best, most reliable and overall dependable digital data transfer services available. In T1, about twenty-four different channels work together to bring you lightning fast speed. This connection is able to bring you 1.544 megabits per second of speed. And the best part of all is that this connection is both robust and secure. Thankfully, this is available all over North America, so if this sounds good to you, make the switch today from Comcast business internet services to ITD Solutions.

Comcast Business Internet Services Have a Lot of Fine Print

There are few things people like less than being disingenuous, and nothing is more suspicious than long contracts with a lot of fine print. When you get Comcast business internet services, more than likely you had to sign some form of formalized contract and tucked within was most likely a year or two year requirement. Big companies do this because they get to hit you with all sorts of fees if you break the contract early. Ultimately, that is how they make their serious money. You could do month-to-month, but a lot of groups will not give you the premium deals unless you are willing to sign these two year agreements.

At ITD Solutions, we really do not feel that is the best way to move forward. We look for partners who will offer you the best deals, plain and simple. No games, no sleight of hand, just good old-fashioned market competition. It is our hope that by having such a large spread of partners, we can connect you to the deal that most comfortably fits you or your livelihoods’ need and respects your budget. That is why we hope you will choose ITD Solutions over Comcast business internet services.

Cloud Integration Is Essential to Grow Your Company

How many times have you wished that you could just take your work with you wherever you went? Well thankfully you can with cloud computing! Cloud computing is essentially your desktop as a service (DAAS), which means you can securely store your data virtually. By centralizing all your data storage on one secure network, you can now work remotely. Also, your employees can now work from home or at business meetings, whether locally or miles away on business.

By choosing ITD Solutions over Comcast business internet services, you will have access to our secure cloud storage. Our systems has been proven more secure against hacking than localized data solutions. Instead of spending a fortune upgrading your hardware systems, why not have your data in one central place? Cloud computing is the way of the future, and integrating it into your business model will only benefit your company. The days of being tethered to a desk from nine to five are over. The future is already here; will you embrace it by ditching Comcast business internet services for ITD Solutions?

ITD: Better service, Better Tech, Better than Comcast Business Internet Services

Whether you run a small coffee shop that needs Wi-Fi, a small law firm that needs quick data to message clients and coworkers, or a startup engineering company, you need better data storage and net speeds. You can get all of that and more with ITD Solutions. Our company has years of experience in both telecommunications and data solutions. We are the only locally based, customer-oriented company that pairs you with the right package. Our professionals filter through the options from all the major companies in order to secure you the best deal. We also offer cloud storage to keep your data safe and secure while taking your livelihood to the next level by allowing secure remote access. If you are ready to ditch Comcast business internet services, call us today for a free consultation at 888-542-8484.