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There are a lot of internet companies out there, which are more formally known as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and choosing the best internet providers may prove to be quite daunting. However, with a little bit of research, you can find the one that is perfect for you, whether you live in Springfield, Massachusetts or Tampa, Florida.

Location, Location, Location

Not every internet provider is going to be in every state. The first step when choosing the best internet providers is to look up what businesses there are to choose from in your state. The reason this is important is because not every state has every major ISP in it, and the service may vary from state to state in certain cases. For example, Springfield, Massachusetts has Xfinity but not Comcast. If you head down to Florida, though, Tampa does not have either, but they do have Frontier and BrightHouse Network.

Business or Leisure?

The next step is to then consider for what purpose you are purchasing a contract with an ISP; are you buying it for home use or for business purposes? At first glance, you may not think there is much of a difference. After all, most people just want to have Wi-Fi on their phones right? Actually, there are financial reasons you need to consider as well as practical applications:

  • Business plans cost more for internet than residential plans.
  • If you have a business and skimp on mbps (megabits per second), and have employees using it, you will suffer a loss in productivity because of bandwidth issues.
  • If you have a small business and really only need it for personal use and customer Wi-Fi, you are probably okay going with the smallest plan.

Geolocation may also affect price; the better the competition in your area, the cheaper your plan will be. However, if there is no public option or only a monopoly, then be prepared to pay a premium. For example, in Springfield, you can pay $50 a month for 10 mbps. The best internet providers may end up costing you a little more for higher mbps, and will certainly advise you on the correct package for your needs.

Price Packages

Yes, as previously mentioned, businesses and residential users have their own plans for internet, but a lot of ISPs also bundle with cable to save you a little bit. Be advised, however, that any bundles usually come with stipulations such as length of contract (two years is what the industry standard hovers around) and not every provider offers them; some only invest in cloud and data storage, or just telephony in general.

The Best Internet Providers Don’t Do Hidden Fees

In these harsh economic times, it may be tempting for less scrupulous companies to offer deals that seem too good to be true. Often, they are too good to be true, for if you examine the fine print, (which they hope you do not) you will see what you are really agreeing to and what power you are allowing the company to execute, such as:

  • Binding you to a contract with early termination fees and penalties.
  • Offering the low price only for a few months, and then jacking it up after the promotion ends.
  • Making you pay “service fees” and other miscellaneous fees.

The best internet providers do not engage in these practices, so be aware and cautious when you find a deal in Springfield that seems too good to be true.

Cloud Integration

You may be aware that some ISPs offer TV package deals, but are you aware they may offer cloud integration and data storage? The best internet providers will offer cloud and data storage services alongside internet. By investing in a cloud service, you can securely store data offsite with a professional company that will safeguard it. At the same time, this frees up your own hard drive space and makes the information more easily accessible than having to send out emails with attachments every time you need something. Imagine being able to access your own photo album back home in Springfield, Massachusetts while you are still on vacation in the Bahamas and upload them then and there!

If you are looking for the best internet providers in the Springfield area, consider ITD Solutions. We have the power and connectivity to boost your computing to a whole new level.