What Your Local Internet Service Provider Won’t Tell You

//What Your Local Internet Service Provider Won’t Tell You

What Your Local Internet Service Provider Won’t Tell You

While everyone in Worcester wants to feel that their local Internet Service Provider (ISP) is acting in their best interest, this is unfortunately not always the case. As with any businesses, their goal is to make a profit, and if doing so means hiding a few things from their customers, then so be it. At ITD Solutions, we place great importance on transparency and honesty with our clients, and we are here to tell you about a few things that your ISP may not be telling you, but you need to know.

They May Slow Down Your Connection Speeds

More commonly known as “throttling,” many ISPs have been known to put the brakes on connection speeds for certain customers who are using large amounts of data. The more they use, the more they slow things down by throttling your bandwidth. On your end, you may notice crawling downloads and uploads, longer page loading times, and more. There are speed tests available online that will be able to measure how fast or slow your connection is for various programs that may indicate your local Internet service provider in Worcester is limiting your bandwidth.

Bundled Services Come with an Outage Risk

Although bundling your services —think cable, voice, data, and more— is an efficient way to streamline your monthly networking and technology usage, major mega-corporation ISPs that use bundled services are at a higher risk of outages. If one service goes out, so do the others. Imagine the last major storm that rolled through Worcester. If the cable went out, chances are that the phones and internet are out as well. With a local Internet service provider, the odds of getting your network back up and running quickly is much higher because they are nearby, can handle requests locally, and have backup generators and servers to prevent too much downtime due to outages.

Their Call Center and Tech Support is Located Across the World

If you have ever had an issue with your technology provided by a major ISP, then you know that dealing with customer support over the phone or via chat online can be a struggle. Too many large corporations are outsourcing their call centers for cheap labor, which ends up creating more confusion and chaos for the customers who are trying to solve their problem. A local Internet service provider in Worcester, such as ITD Solutions, is not only housed in an area right by you, but we are able to make calls and help you out with the situation in person. When you keep your technology in Massachusetts, you make life easier for yourself in the long run.

Call ITD Solutions for a Premier Local Internet Service Provider

For Worcester, Massachusetts residents who are looking for a local Internet service provider that has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to help them with their cable, voice, data, and networking solutions, call ITD Solutions. We are here to help make your networking and data experience a total breeze! Call us today to get started at 1-888-542-8484.

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