How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 1

//How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 1

How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 1

Business Continuity

This entails the state in which your business continues and grows despite disaster and mechanical failures. During the Katrina and  the Jersey disasters all companies without cloud infrastructure loss their service, communications and data.  If they had Cloud service they would not have lost their email, phone calls or important files/data. Thus, preventing losing their business. What would happen if you lose your power; your phones, servers, internet and files? Is your system premised based?

What is your back up ???

If you have a premised back up system, guess what, it’s gone during a disaster.

What is your solution??

ITD Solutions INC is your Solution.

With Cloud technology and Hosted PBX we are able to prevent disasters like these. Hosted PBX is a phone with the intelligence residing in a secure redundant offsite location. This prevents a company from disaster. With this solution you would be able to receive phone calls in a disaster or equipment malfunction. You would have the ability to transfer a phone call to another location or cell phone. Your customers will be able to leave voicemails that you could retrieve even via email. Your data would be safe, and you would have access to it remotely.Hosted PBX is designed for disaster prevention and avoidance.

There are no upfront costs, NO CAPEX, and your monthly recurring charge is a write off for most companies. There is no maintenance contract or software updates costs, decreasing your operating expenses.

This system allows you to have control to change extensions, forward calls, change voicemail.

All of these changes can be done from your office or home remotely.  You are able to take the phone anywhere (dependent upon carrier) and plug it in and work from any location that has access to internet.

It has Direct Inward Dial giving you direct extensions at employees’ desks. It is fully scalable – no limit on number of users.

It easily connects multiple office locations with 3-4 digit number dialing.

It has inexpensive call center features.

It has easy integration with todays CRM (customer record management, your database).

You can set up the office phone to ring to your office phone and cell phone simultaneously.

This feature is great for Real Estate professionals or others who work on the road.


Hosted PBX is a simple solution in decreasing your operating costs and in disaster prevention. Stay tuned for Part 2 of How technology can help your business.

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