Finding the Best Internet Service Provider: What to Look Out For

//Finding the Best Internet Service Provider: What to Look Out For

Finding the Best Internet Service Provider: What to Look Out For

It can be hard in a world of many options, to make important decisions. The same is true of selecting the best Internet Service Provider (ISP). In Chelsea, Malden, Cambridge, and other Boston neighborhoods, there are many ISPs to choose from. With this quick guide, you can make a more informed decision when it’s time to sign up or switch.

Tech Support Availability

The only thing more frustrating than facing technical difficulties is not being able to connect to the people who are supposed to help you fix them. The best Internet Service Provider in Chelsea, Malden, and Cambridge should be one that is highly responsive. You shouldn’t have to sit on hold waiting for a representative to become available. You also should not have to deal with being transferred from person to person as you struggle to find someone to assist you. When it comes to tech and customer support, availability is crucial. With a local business, you can count on personalized assistance, and not being transferred to a call center thousands of miles away overseas.

Throttling Speeds

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an important call and having the connection drop. The same can be said for a web connection that cuts out, lags, and simply doesn’t connect when you want it to. If you’ve ever had to deal with slow, unresponsive Wi-Fi, then you know what we’re talking about. Unfortunately, some ISPs have been known to implement throttling — bottlenecking your connection speeds and bandwidth — when users exceed a certain amount of usage. This practice is not currently illegal, but it is deceptive and unfair, and should not be tolerated. If you suspect that your ISP in Chelsea, Malden, or Cambridge is throttling your bandwidth, use an online test to measure your speeds. If they’re throttling, switch to the best Internet Service Provider that promotes transparency.

Hidden Charges

When you get the bill from your ISP, you want everything to be straightforward. This is true when you sign up with them in the first place; the agent you are working with should be able to show you an itemized list of the services you are receiving and explain where each and every cost comes from. If they advertise a certain monthly fee, make sure there isn’t any fine print that explains that’s a one-time fee. There may also be a message about hidden surcharges included. Transparency and honesty are crucial features of the best Internet Service Provider. Be on the lookout for any shady behavior in Chelsea, Malden, and Cambridge.

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