How Fast is High-Speed Internet Service, Really?

//How Fast is High-Speed Internet Service, Really?

How Fast is High-Speed Internet Service, Really?

You hear the term “high-speed internet service” all the time. Cable companies and providers promise that your connection will be lightning-fast, but at times, it seems to be moving more at a snail’s pace. When examining its quality, you may notice a number followed by “Mbps” which stands for “megabits per second” and is a numerical indication of how quickly data is being sent and received. So, what exactly is considered a fast connection, and how are you supposed to know how quickly your network really is operating? Read on to find out how Framingham surfers can measure the quality of their connection.

The Average Connection Speed

According to Akamai’s Q2 2016 State of the Internet / Connectivity Report, Massachusetts has one of the highest average speeds, clocking in at about 19.0 Mbps. Considering that the top spot went to District of Columbia at 24.3, towns like Framingham are situated in a pretty decent area. However, these numbers are just averages, and the actual speed depends largely on the individual ISP. With a truly high-speed internet service, you could see speeds closer to 100 Mbps.

Determining Your Network Speed

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, the strength, speed, and other information about your connection can be found in the control panel. Usually, this information is located under “network center” or a similar name. If you select your network, the “Mbps” should be listed.

There are also a number of tests you can find online that will measure how quickly uploads and downloads complete, which will reveal what kind of network speed you have in Framingham.

Need a True High-Speed Internet Service? Call ITD Solutions

For Framingham residents looking for a high-quality, high-speed internet service, you need to look no further than ITD Solutions. We utilize the latest and greatest technology to provide our clients with the quickest connections at all times, so you never have to fret about lagging downloads, buffering videos, or new tabs that never load. Whether you need a strong network at home or at work, we can set you up for success. To learn more about ITD Solutions and the other technology solutions we can help you with in Massachusetts, give us a call at 888-542-8484 for a completely free consultation. As a premier high-speed internet service provider, we look forward to connecting you to what matters!

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