Disaster Recovery: Protect Company Data this Storm Season

//Disaster Recovery: Protect Company Data this Storm Season

Disaster Recovery: Protect Company Data this Storm Season

Your company’s data is one of the most important assets you have, making it a priority when it comes to protection. From hackers to viruses and mechanical damage, keeping data safe is more complicated than it was before the digital age took over. Another equally important source of data loss, especially with Florida’s volatile hurricane season, is data lost due to disruptive weather conditions. Though natural disasters are out of our control, disaster recovery is not.

Here are three suggestions to ensure your data is safe this hurricane season:

Use Backup Generators

An absolute ‘must’ for any company in Tampa Bay is a backup generator. In fact, this should be mandatory for all businesses. Backup generators can ensure your data will not be lost because of electricity outages, which are quite frequent during torrential downpours that are all too familiar in the Brandon area. Sometimes, a simple storm can cause a power outage, which can lead to lost data. Having a backup generator will save your company’s data on a day-to-day basis. Chances are, you will be better guarded against data loss and will have less need for disaster recovery if you have backup generators in place.

Consider Cloud Storage

Storing your data in the cloud makes for a simple, hassle-free way to ensure your company’s vital information is safe and sound during storm season. Cloud storage offers an offsite, maintained data storage option with easy access at a cost-effective price.

Additionally, cloud storage is one of the most efficient ways to ensure your data is protected from loss caused by natural disasters. Cloud storage is offered literally anywhere, which gives your company’s employees easy access that you can manage. So, whether your Brandon office is working remotely because of storms or in the office as usual, cloud storage provides an easy way to access to the data needed to keep business going. If something does go wrong, disaster recovery procedures can be implemented to get you back on track in no time at all.

Choose Storage with Proper Disaster Recovery and Avoidance Procedures

An offsite location equipped for the high winds and torrential downpour of hurricane season or the heavy snowfall of northern winters is a great option for disaster recovery. These locations are built with the regional storm cycles in mind; this makes them the perfect place to store your company’s most important asset.

With many options available, choosing the right data backup storage for your business in case of natural disasters can be confusing. Need help deciding? Contact ITD Solutions today at 888-542-8484. We’ll help you choose the best solution for your company. That means you can avoid the need for disaster recovery this storm season.

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