The Best Cloud Storage Solutions

//The Best Cloud Storage Solutions

The Best Cloud Storage Solutions

Managing data and content is not always easy. You want your information to be safe and secure, but you also need to make sure that those who need to can access it whenever necessary. The answer is cloud storage solutions. Many Boston businesses have moved their entire companies to a cloud server. This is beneficial for many reasons, such as:

  • Increased office space (servers can take up a lot of room)
  • Less risk of outages
  • More secure management
  • Access anywhere at any time
  • Multiple credentials and logins available
  • Dividing areas of access for users

Using Cloud Storage Solutions in the Office

If you do your work on a computer, chances are there is a server room somewhere in the building that powers and stores information created and received on that computer. Sure, servers have decreased in size from say, ten years ago, but they still cover a lot of valuable real estate in offices everywhere. To reduce the need for storage and to increase office space, many Boston businesses use cloud storage solutions. This means that data is stored in “the cloud” which is a remote server used to store information via the internet. It is called such because it is intangible and can be accessed essentially anywhere.

Because information and data are stored through the internet, you will free up tons of hard disk and drive space on your computers. Everyone is getting into it— Adobe recently launched their “Creative Cloud” service, and no longer sells their PhotoShop or InDesign programs in a disk format. Everything operates through cloud storage solutions, freeing up space in the physical and digital world.

What You Need For Cloud Computing

To get started with cloud storage solutions in Boston, you need two basic things: 1.) a computer, and 2.) an internet connection. As long as you have those, you will be able to access the information you need whenever you need it. If you have ever lost or broken a computer, you know how frustrating it is to reinstall all of your programs, settings, and information on a new one. It takes an incredibly long time, costs you money, and may not even work due to changed operating systems or updates. The cloud eliminates this issue because it does not matter what computer you use, everything is quickly accessible in your account.

ITD Solutions — The Solution to Your Technology Problems

We know how frustrating technology issues can be. Computers are great when they work, and not so much when they don’t. To boost your productivity and make life easier at work, you need cloud storage solutions. At ITD Solutions, we can easily set up your Boston business for success. Call us today!

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