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One Point of contact for your Cloud and Telecom Migration

Welcome to ITD Solutions, a master agency that makes cloud migration easy. ­

We know that “Cloud” is a major buzzword on the business scene, and for good reason. Once your company is in the cloud, life gets a lot easier for everyone. But moving into the cloud isn’t quite so easy; that’s where we come in.

Founded in Boston Massachusetts in 2005, ITD Solutions is a leading cloud, data and telecom master agency, serving companies of all sizes all across the globe.  We specialize in finding the right cloud and telecom service providers that most closely match your company’s exact needs. We also help negotiate the lowest possible pricing that is typically less than if you were to go directly to the providers.  Once you decide on the providers we then help to manage the implementation using our thousands of hours of experience to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. After implementation one of our dedicated account managers will become your single point of contact for all of your support needs.  Making it so you never have to call a provider for support again. And the best part, we do all this without charging you a dime.

How does a Cloud/Telecom agency work?

Phone companies, Internet Service Providers and Cloud Service providers all have direct sales staff.  These staff cost providers millions of dollars a year to employ.  To help these provider companies reach more prospective clients they bring on agents.  These agents work on a 100% commission basis making it far more cost effective for the provider to work with. ITD Solutions is one of these agents. We work fully on commission from the providers but this doesn’t mean our prices are higher; typically our prices are less than working with the provider’s direct sales staff – remember the provider doesn’t have to pay us salary and benefits. In addition to getting better pricing we also have dedicated support staff within these providers making it so you never have to wait on hold again.

ITD: Cloud Solutions

ITD Solutions can connect you with the best service providers in the industry. We’ll take care of all the research, coordination, and implementation so you don’t have to. Leave the hard work to us.

We’ve built long-term relationships with the world’s leading data, telecom, and cloud solutions providers, and we’ll leverage those connections on your behalf. And since we dedicate an Account Manager just for your project, we can customize full-service data, telecom, and cloud solutions that target your specific business needs with precision.

Your ITD Solutions Account Manager will ensure that you get the lowest overall pricing in today’s marketplace while maximizing your service platform at the same time.

Why We’re Different

Cloud technology can get a little complicated. Okay, a lot complicated. Often, a company comes to us with little understanding of the different options in today’s marketplace. That’s okay. We get it.  It’s very easy to get lost in the cloud.

At ITD Solutions, we make cloud migration easy and hassle-free so that you can get back to doing business while we worry about all the technical stuff. Let us handle the back-end coordination that will ultimately streamline everything you do.

It’s not uncommon for a company’s IT rep to call us and say, “Hey, we’re thinking about migrating to the cloud but our bosses are undecided, and we’re having a hard time making the case for the cloud on our own.”

ITD Solutions makes cloud technology easy to understand. We can give you an in-depth explanation of your cloud migration options and lay out the best options that fit your exact needs. Because every company is slightly different in how they do business, you need to ensure you make the best decision for your company’s needs; let us help you find the perfect solution.

Cloud services will revolutionize the way your company manages projects, shares documents, safeguards data, and engages clients. It also seriously enhances internal communication. Doing business is just easier — and more enjoyable — when you’re streamlined in the cloud.

Getting there isn’t easy, but we can help. It’s what we do. As a master agent, our mission is to make life more simple for your company. That’s true not only while we’re working on your behalf but also for the years of support that will follow, as we serve as a single point of contact for managing all your services.

Working with ITD in Tampa Bay, Boston & Beyond

The providers we work with usually have two different kinds of sales teams:

  • Direct Sales
  • Channel Partners (more commonly called “Agents”)

The former are made up of employees who get paid salaries and benefits, costing the providers a lot of money. Agents, on the other hand, work independently and get paid a percentage of the business that they bring to the provider. Because agents cost the providers less money, they have greater flexibility (and more incentive) for negotiating a deal.

At ITD Solutions, we handle all the negotiation so you don’t have to. We make sure the providers handle your account honestly, ethically, and with determination for creating a cost-effective solution for your business. In fact, we assign a Dedicated Account Manager to your company, and it’s their job to make sure that any unexpected headaches associated with your voice, data, and cloud network are handled in a timely manner without any hassle on your end.

We don’t have favorites when it comes to selecting a service provider. ITD prides itself on maintaining great relationships with a wide range of providers, and we represent all of them to you equally and without bias. Our only interest is determining which of our reputable providers can offer the best solution at the best price.

Credentials & Awards for Our ITD Cloud Solutions

The ITD Solutions executive team has more than 50 years of combined cloud, data and telecom experience. With nearly a decade of industry-leading success, ITD has proven itself to be at the top of its class.

In fact, in the fall of 2012, ITD was inducted as a founding member of the Cloud Advisory Council.

The Cloud Advisory Council is a not-for-profit organization on a mission to develop the next generation of cloud architecture. Led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners and pioneering corporations, the Cloud Advisory Council seeks to equip cloud designers and IT Managers with the tools they need to empower cloud computing, strengthen cloud solutions integration, and define best practices in cloud migration.

The Cloud Advisory Council’s primary objectives are:

  • Define the next generation of cloud architecture
  • Provide open specification for cloud infrastructures
  • Publish best practices for optimizing cloud efficiency and utilization
  • Enable ease of use with comprehensive cloud management and tools

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