Why choose a Hosted system ?
Hosted provides you with Remote Management.
Management of a Hosted PBX is far easier than a premise based system. For example if you added a new employee to one of your sites 500 miles away, typically you would need someone to program that local PBX to add the new user and create a VPN tunnel. With a hosted PBX you can simply log into the web portal and 2-5 minutes later have a new user added to the system. Or you can email customer support at the hosted VoIP carrier and they will gladly do it for you. You are able to make changes from any web portal using any internet connection to connect to your hosted system.
Typically a premise-based PBX is going to cost $500 – $1000 per user, including phones, installation and training. With a hosted PBX your CAPEX (capital expenditure) can be little to nothing depending on the options you take.
Disaster Avoidance is one of the main reasons companies move their phone systems to the cloud or hosted. When your phone system is in the cloud your main numbers will ring when called even if your office is out of service. Thus making your company ALWAYS reachable. Your business will be able to receive multiple calls on various lines.
There is no maintenance contract, no charge to move, add, or make changes regarding auto attendant or voicemail. Hosted systems are easier to integrate with CRM (database) and they also provide direct inward dial lines. Contact ITDSolutions.net for more information. @itdsolutionsinc #VOIP #telecom #phone systems #greghancock #cloud