What is Residual Income?In order to understand residual income I must point out active income. Active income is when you go to work and you get paid hourly; exchanging hours for money. You complete a task and you get paid for it once, that’s it. Then you start all over.
Residual income is continuos payments you receive after completing a sale.
Residual income requires you to leverage your time and you no longer are exchanging hours for money.
What?? Ok let me simplify.
Lets say you decide to work for ITD Solutions. You sell cloud, internet and phone services to local companies.
You sell this once but ITD Solutions will pay you on this sale for the life of the account, so long as it is still active.
It is a constant flow of income on work you initially completed. This is residual income. You are payed on production not time.
Of course this would only motivate you to sell more and it just keeps growing. I must be honest, it’s difficult in the beginning. It requires time, dedication, hard work, and self motivation. You must understand the fundamentals of delayed gratification.
Residual Income is not for everyone.
It takes a while to build on it. Most people work residually on a part time basis until eventually it is built to replace their full time pay and then transition to residual income full time.
But if you …

  1. want flexibility
  2. unlimited income growth potential
  3. are self motivated
  4. want to go on vacation without the worry of loss income
  5. understand delayed gratification
  6. are hard working and dedicated
  7. are Entrepreneurial
  8. tired of the normal 9-5pm JOB
  9. want control of time and money
  10. want residual income without the initial capital expenditure

Then contact us today
ITD Solutions is a leading cloud, data and telecom agency, serving companies of all sizes all across the globe. Phone companies, Internet Service Providers and Cloud Service providers all have direct sales staff. These staff cost providers millions of dollars a year to employ. To help these provider companies reach more prospective clients they bring on agents. These agents work on a 100% commission basis making it far more cost effective for the provider to work with. ITD Solutions is one of these agents. We work fully on commission. We pay you residually for that initial sale. Please contact us if you are interested.
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