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Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

2016-11-16T14:18:27-04:00 July 20th, 2016|

Many businesses nowadays operate in multiple locations or regularly work with people remotely. Although you live and work in Tampa, you may have a conference call with someone in Hong Kong next week. Technology has given us the ability to communicate instantly all over the globe. Sometimes speaking on the phone can feel impersonal, though. [...]

What’s up with all the survey questions?

2016-11-16T14:23:36-04:00 February 23rd, 2016|

We're glad you asked. The team here at ITD Solutions has been involved in a very exciting project recently, and we wanted to take some time to tell you about it. We have been reaching out to many of you to say hello, to see if you need anything and to get your input on [...]

Hosted Telephone Solution

2016-11-16T14:18:44-04:00 February 17th, 2016|

Hosted PBX is a phone with the intelligence residing in a secure redundant offsite location. This prevents a company from disaster. With this solution you would be able to receive phone calls in a disaster or equipment malfunction.  You would have the ability to transfer a phone call to another location or cell phone. Your customers will [...]

Hosted Sharepoint

2016-11-16T14:18:50-04:00 February 17th, 2016|

Just as important for many of our clients is Microsoft Sharepoint, a powerful collaboration tool that becomes even more powerful when it’s hosted in the cloud. George, Jane, and Michael can start a project together from each of their respective offices in the morning and keep working seamlessly as they bounce around from work to home and [...]

How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 3

2016-11-16T14:18:58-04:00 July 10th, 2015|

How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 3 Many companies don’t have the resources to hire a security guard to protect their network 24/7. However, our partners have security measures and they make sure that their networks are 100% secure as seen by their Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and HIPAA compliancy. Have you ever lost a [...]

How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 2

2016-11-16T14:19:22-04:00 July 1st, 2015|

Reliable SIP Services SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, one of the most widely used signaling communications protocols in the business world. SIP is a great way to facilitate voice & video calls, teleconferences, video web conferencing, training sessions, live webinars and more… all over the Internet. Three things matter most for your SIP services: [...]

How Technology Can Help Your Business Part 1

2016-11-16T14:17:54-04:00 June 23rd, 2015|

Business Continuity This entails the state in which your business continues and grows despite disaster and mechanical failures. During the Katrina and  the Jersey disasters all companies without cloud infrastructure loss their service, communications and data.  If they had Cloud service they would not have lost their email, phone calls or important files/data. Thus, preventing losing their [...]

Advantages to Video Conferencing

2016-11-16T14:17:27-04:00 June 8th, 2015|

The Advantages of Video Conferencing Today’s working world is more interconnected than ever, making it easier — and more affordable — to do business around the globe. With video and web conferencing & cloud video conferencing, you can make meaningful connections with co-workers and clients on a moment’s notice. Video conferencing cuts down on overhead [...]

4 Frequently asked questions regarding telecom transition

2016-11-16T14:17:20-04:00 June 8th, 2015|

 Why switch Telecom Companies at all ? Technology is changing all the time, get the latest information and solutions for your company today. If you are a company looking to reduce cost and increase efficiency this would be the best alternative. The savings can be as much as 25%. Companies will utilize these funds to [...]