1.  Why switch Telecom Companies at all ?
    Technology is changing all the time, get the latest information and solutions for your company today.
    If you are a company looking to reduce cost and increase efficiency this would be the best alternative.
    The savings can be as much as 25%. Companies will utilize these funds to reinvest and grow.
    In one case ITD Solutions INC was able to provide a company enough savings and they were able to keep an employee they planned on letting go due to the economic changes. This is worth it !
  2.  Will I lose my current phone numbers?
    No, due to local portability you can retain all your current phone numbers. It remains the same, worry free.
  3.  Is there any down time during the transition?
    Very minimal 2- 5 mins. Hardly noticeable. Most transitions are smooth and seamless.
  4.  Is there a Contract?
    Yes, on average the contract is three years. After the three years we will then review the current status of your account. We will reanalyze to ensure that you are receiving the service you currently need and want. Companies grow and their needs change and we want to ensure you are being serviced for those changes. We will also evaluate current pricing and will make sure you receive the lowest pricing per your needs. ITD Solutions prides themselves in building long term relationships and we are willing to provide any changes you may want at that time. This audit is completed free of charge.